New Life believes there are four essentials in which every church must intentionally engage in order to be a biblical church. 

Every church must walk alongside one another to see followers of Jesus look more like Jesus over time.

We call this Discipleship. 

Every church must build relationships with one another; supporting, encouraging and strengthening each other.

We call this Community

Every church must communicate the love of God and the truth of the gospel to those outside of the church.

We call this Outreach. 

Every church must engage in the act of celebrating

and honoring our God.

We call this Worship. 

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New Life exists to be a biblical church that connects people to people and people to God.

We believe that everything happens, or is at least improved upon, through relationships.

New Life is a unique church; We are a family; We are committed to Christ; We are holistic in our approach to life, faith, and church. 


New Life was started as a Quaker church in the late 70's and was named Quaker Heights Friends Meeting.

Since the earliest days, New Life has attracted people from all corners of faith that desired an authentic, relational, loving, and honest community. New Life has always been unequivocally Christian and based on the biblical gospel of faith. As a church, we have also always pursued truth and love without labels. 

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Family Ministry

New Life is particularly sensitive to the needs of the the family.

We fully believe that parents are the first and primary spiritual authority for their own family. We believe the church's job in family ministry is primarily to support, equip, and empower each individual family in their own spiritual journey. ​

With that understood, we do offer a well-staffed nursery for children

0 - 5 years old. This is a space that is safe and clean, providing a loving and fun environment for our littlest members.

We firmly believe in the value of multi-generational community. Therefore, we attempt to encourage and facilitate opportunities for people of all ages to interact, build relationships, and learn from each other. However, we also see the necessity of peer-to-peer community and so we do offer some age specific relational times as well. 

Worship Rhythm 

We realize that there are many ways to worship, many ways to connect with God, and many ways to connect with each other.

We seek to use our 'worship time' (the typical Sunday morning gathering) to more effectively honor God and be The Church.

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